Host: Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium

Dates: 15/04/2013 - 26/03/2013


The overall aim of the "Powering the Future with Zero Emission and Human Powered Vehicles" 2013 Intensive Program (IP) is for the students, in groups, to assess, evaluate and race velomobiles constructed by themselves prior to the IP. Since the ability of partner-Institutions to build a velomobile in a few months time is not garantueed, students coming from partners that will have not built a velomobile, will play the role of the evaluators. They have to create an appropriate judgment booklet according to which they will assess the constructed velomobiles. After the IP is finished, they have to prepare a report and submit it to the organisers.

The program of tuition is separated into theoretical lectures and laboratory measurements. Subjects line Drivetrain Dynamics, Suspension, Braking  and Steering Dynamics, Ergonomics, Electrical and Mechanical Drivetrain Elements will be covered. Lectures will provide the basis for the measurements to be made in order to examine the quality and characteristics of each velomobile built. Also, 2 races will occur as the ultimate means for velomobile comparison.

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